You range from large private sector groups, through professional organisations and public authorities to small associations. We guarantee a personalised solution for each one of you.

Tell us how you would like to work with us

Whether it's a short-term helping hand, working together in the medium or longer term, or subcontracting, we can be on your team. If you're setting out on a new European strategy, or need ongoing assistance for all your EU stuff as it arises, we're ready to work with you.

    Flexible rates for a flexible service

    Our support packages include a retainer rate tailored to your budget, a daily rate for complete flexibility, or a monthly rate for supreme availability and support. Many clients go instead for our success package - a small initial fee, but we get a modest share of the spoils!

    Language is no barrier

    We routinely work in English, French and Italian, but with our wide network of consultants, we also offer other languages. Language barriers need no longer get in the way. Become a client!

    Data protection and security

    The confidentiality of business processes must be safeguarded at all times. Compliance with data protection regulations and confidentiality obligations involving clients and third parties is an integral component of what we do and is scrupulously followed with respect to personal conduct and the technical environment. The highest IT standards are in place to safeguard any data entrusted to us.