Anna Macdougald

Influencer - analyst - mentor - writer - all round good egg

Reflecting on her near 35 years at the sharp end of European business and politics, Anna is incredulous: “It’s hard to believe it’s been as long as that. It just seems like it was yesterday when I was a fresh-faced stagiaire walking into the European Commission for the first time.” 

“But my approach hasn’t changed. Every project is a fresh challenge to be tackled, and every new business scenario is like a gift-wrapped piece of pure opportunity,” she says with an engaging Irish twinkle. But she never forgets there’s a job to be done, whether it takes a piece of skilful communication, or sharp analytical insight honed from her bags and bags of experience, the kind you would pay good money for. 

Flip-flops and wellies

Anna is a Trinity College Dublin economics grad, aced a Masters in European Studies before she dived headlong into business, cutting her teeth on telecoms, agribiz and the food industry. She’s promoted big regions and cities on the European stage, advised some of the world’s top transport businesses and trumpeted the urban forest movement. Current projects go from demystifying EU laws for you and me, to advising a top Brazilian beachwear company. Think flip-flops and bright yellow wellies. 

Commuting between Brussels and the south of France, she enjoys walking in the Luberon mountains and restores furniture when she’s got a minute.

Anna is a Founding Partner at EU4U.



Charlotte Roffiaen

Advocate - trainer - project developer - adviser

Before she knew what she wanted to do with her life, Charlotte was sure of one thing: she wanted to make her mark on the fabric of Europe.

"This wish may now seem to be of its time, but I’m still a convinced European today. Helping clients to navigate the European Union maze, so that they can find their voice in Brussels, or putting together projects involving expert partners of all kinds – this is central to what I do."

At Sciences Po in Paris and the Sorbonne, where she studied business law and a Masters in European Law, Charlotte developed a taste for public relations and a fearsome knowledge of EU policies and processes.

Sizeable network

"My experience as a lawyer specialising in EU law comes in handy, but it was when I was director of a European citizens’ rights NGO I honed most of my skills. The duties were very wide-ranging, and included working closely with national member bodies and EU institutions. It meant I could build up a sizeable network of contacts in Brussels and across the EU, experience I put to good use on behalf of my clients."

Charlotte now advises a number of associations in the health sector, representing their interests at EU level. She has evaluated project proposals for the European Commission for many years and so has inside knowledge of how European funding works, something particularly welcomed by the organisations she trains, or assists to draw up funding applications.

French by birth, Charlotte divides her time between Rome, Paris, Brussels and other capitals of the old continent, depending on what she's got on, and where it takes her.

Charlotte is a Founding Partner at EU4U.



Christophe Duflos

Editor and proofreader – quality manager - trainer

Active for nigh on 25 years in the Brussels beltway, Christophe is fully on board with building a lively and functioning Europe: “0n board, though very realistic, because the challenges of the European project are legion, and they've got to be addressed in everything we do that’s European Union-related.”

"I love putting to good use my years studying History at university, and at the European College in Bruges, helping clients produce top quality, easily understandable texts, well-targeted to their audience."

Relentless pursuit of flawlessness

He’s impassioned by the French language with all its complexities, while his sharp uncompromising proofreading eye takes good care of all types of documents. This relentless pursuit of flawlessness is also his hallmark when he wears his Quality Manager hat as part of a consortium of European partners.

Postgrad degree in Telematics and Organisation in hand, coupled with experience in an Internet start-up, European institutions and elsewhere, including a global energy giant, the 48-year old editor-consultant is well-equipped to make the very best use of communication technologies, particularly when it comes to European e-Learning projects.

And as an old student who “never dies” Christophe occasionally goes back to university - to provide training on how European subsidies work!
Passionate about music and its teaching, Christophe travels regularly between the European capital and his home high in the Haute-Savoie in the French Alps.

Christophe is a Founding Partner at EU4U.



Andrew Wilson

Communicator - writer - editor - mover - shaker

After a particularly acute bout of (unaccustomed) narcissism Andrew once did a Google search for his own name and discovered there are more than 2500 Andrew Wilsons in the USA alone, not to mention at least one in France! But there must be very few of these imposters who have his wide-ranging skillset.

Starting out as an architect, and then as a seeker of truth and justice in the social work profession, Andy moved on to careers in print and broadcast journalism, web services and digital marketing. A former spokesperson for what has been called the most successful consumer movement in Europe (also known as the battle to protect traditional beer in his UK homeland), Andy is a professional communicator, editor, strategist and above all, a team-player.

“But I’m still a designer at heart, using everything I know, and everything I’ve ever done to make the next project better than the last, whatever the sector.”


Latterly he headed up the award-winning web design team at the French Education ministry’s publishing house, following a spell running his own web services and communications business in California. More recently he’s been writing and editing for a number of high profile clients in energy, banking and construction, advising small and mid-sized businesses on social media, while working on research and other projects for the European Commission.

A supporter of some very unsuccessful football teams, Andy divides his time between Brussels and France, and has vowed in the next twelve months to nail at least one work by Debussy or Rachmaninov on the piano.

Andrew is an Associate Partner at EU4U. 

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